Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dreams on Hiatus

jo starkey

The theater has been pretty dark lately, so I decided to jot down the last ‘interesting’ dream that I can remember.

From MONTHS ago.

What I recall is waking up in the back of a pickup truck. It is incredibly dark out and this road we’re traveling on is surrounded by nothing but thick trees on either side of the road. This area was in the middle of nowhere, way out in No Man’s Land.

The thing that really took over the dream was that this truck I was in was going at maximum speed. I mean, it was barreling down that road at a couple hundred miles an hour. It was traveling F-A-S-T.

Incredibly fast. So fast that I couldn’t even jump out of the tailgate if I wanted. (Nevermind the fact that I was literally out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night with nothing but wildlife around that would live inside those woods this truck was barreling past).

Really weird dream. It felt like I was kidnapped or something. I really don’t know. Even in the dream I was pretty clueless as to what exactly was happening. The terrifying, lightning speed of the truck was what was uppermost in my mind.



Wendy Moira Angela Darling says Hello

my wendy 2

About two mornings ago I had the shortest dream, and it was about my Wendy Kitty.

All it entailed was me walking into the bathroom and finding Wendy sitting on the sink's counter top. She was just sitting there, all prim and proper in true cat fashion. tongue She had gained her weight back and looked thriving and healthy.

Before she passed away she was a bag of bones and in very poor health, so it was a good dream... short as it was.

Thank Goodness it wasn't one of my typical bad dreams that I have - and for years - after a pet passes away.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Of Rainbows, Protectors & Tarot

My Stubborn Protector
455 tolkien
 FYI: I don't believe for one second that this was a 'visitation' dream.  It was too odd to be that, but I do feel there are glimmers of truth here.  I think it was my own subconscious trying to break through... hence the weirdness in the dream as well as certain things that feel like a 'message/memory' if-you-will.
Also, I believe one of the men in this dream is the same man I've had a dream about before. That dream can be found HERE.  It's titled 'Dream about a Spirit.'  (That older dream was the one where there was spirit hovering at the end of my bed, and he had a vivid aura/rainbow colors surrounding him).
But now to last night's dream:
In the first part of this dream I was with some people and I think we had just gotten out of a car to go inside some building, or maybe even eat inside some restaurant.  (It was a business of some sort).  A man was with us.  He was tall, slim, and had short black hair.  I don't remember seeing his face too well in the dream, but I do remember thinking that he was handsome and reminded me a little bit of Hugh Jackman.  However, the shirt that he was wearing took all attention away from that.  He was wearing the most ridiculous black sweater that looked like something a kid would wear. It was a black sweater that had a full rainbow stitched on it.  On both ends of this rainbow were clouds. (Just like a kid would draw while coloring).  It was insanely ridiculous, and in the dream I remember thinking I hope that he realizes how dumb he looks  because once people see that sweater they're going to stare/laugh/etc.  Thankfully, he thought of that I guess because he pulled on a brown leather jacket over it.  He zips it up and we all go inside the building. (I do think the rainbow is significant because I think it's connected to the dream I listed above; of the man with the aura/rainbow colors surrounding him as he floated at the end of the bed.  I think they're the same man.  Even the hair color is the same.  Also, in both dreams he was annoying me.  I just now thought of that, only the annoyance in this last dream was nothing compared to the first dream).
The next part I hardly recall.  I vaguely remember two women psychics.  One of them was talking about how they wanted to use Van Gogh's painting 'Starry Night' on their new business cards or something.
In the final part of my dream I'm with lots of people. I'm trying to sleep underneath a white tent of sorts. (Just like with my 'tent/battle’ dream, it looked more like large sheets were the roof of the tent.  Only, this one was HUGE.  It seemed to go on forever, so I guess these 'tents' were all connected.  It almost seemed as large as an arena)
There's a blond man with me, which I assume is Patrick because he immediately made me think of Brad Pitt in the movie 'Troy.' We were both inside this massive, very overcrowded 'tent' and I think I was trying to rest.  Patrick was lying down next to me on the ground, on my right hand side, with his back against me.  I knew he was only doing his duty, protecting me, but I was extremely IRRITATED with him because he was so literal.  He was lying down with me, but he was not leaving me any breathing room at all.  I mean this man's back was plastered against me and I absolutely hated that.  I'm pretty sure he had his trusted sword in one hand, too, ready to defend me at a second's notice.
 255 warrior
I finally had reached my limit I guess because I start yelling at him.
But then some weirdness crept inside the dream again because I remember thinking that my voice - as I was yelling at him - was being captured on an evp, only my yelling was coming through as opera.  Lol!
He’s very upset with me; my defiance. It was his duty/purpose to protect me, yet here I was distracting him from doing his job. He becomes so upset with me that he starts retching of all things, right there in the tent… which then infuriates me even more.  (Or maybe he was actually really sick.  This was the 1600's after all, and I did have a dream once where he - "Neil" in disguise - was keeping it a secret from me that he was dying).
 I was so angry that I didn't have even an ounce of sympathy for him.  I tell him that I’m going to be losing even more sleep now because I have to clean all that up. I felt like his response to my righteous anger was childish, or like having a dog that’s upset. (Or like I said, maybe he was actually ill and I was just too angry - or sleep deprived - to even ponder that possibility).
I knew full well that his feelings and actions towards me were genuine and coming from a loyal and good/dutiful place, but it annoyed me to no end!
Also, I vaguely recall some older man in the dream.  I don't think I knew him.  He was in his 70's I guess and had balding gray hair.  I think he was just a lookie-loo with my meltdown.
Okay, so that was the end of the dream.
When I woke up I decided to jot down notes about the dream, to record here on this blog.  After I did that I logged on to Facebook.  One of my feeds was someone posting a tarot spread from one of their old sites.
This was the spread:
 300 cards_1
 Just for the heck of it, I did it.  You had to think of a person that has crossed over, and the card you picked was supposed to be a message from them.
Since I had just had that Patrick dream, I thought of him and then picked a card.  The card I chose was #5, and this was the result.
200 love
 I did find it a little odd that it could have echoed the dream I just had; that his duty/job always came first.  Also, it echoes what my mother has said about him before; that he wasn't always one to express his innermost feelings, and that he was likely taught from his youth not to have emotions at all.
I do think Patrick did a lot of his 'talking' through his physical presence/energy, and then his eyes.  I absolutely think his silence spoke volumes, or at least to me it did.
I think words were pretty unnecessary.
I just thought of something.  There were psychics in that dream, and right after I wrote down notes to the dream I see the FB post from Kristy with the tarot cards. Also, in the dream the psychic lady was talking about wanting to put Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' on those cards.  Those cards of hers I knew were either business cards or tarot.  
So there was a psychic and tarot cards in my dream, and then that's the first thing I see online after writing down notes to the dream.  (A psychic posting a tarot spread). Weird.

Update: I suppose the "Starry Night" reference is significant. (If you've read my Patrick blog, you understand why that is).

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Danger Everywhere


All I can recall from last night are about 3 dreams.

One of them was just silliness, so I’ll only share two of them. They were different from my regular dreams, except for that in one of them I was – yet again – trying to protect an animal.

Those dreams are so exhausting and I have them so much that half the time I don't even bother to type them all down.



My first dream from last night was that our house was surrounded by lava. Yes, LAVA!

It was less than an inch away from flowing inside the house and I was shocked that no one was freaking out over the event in the slightest.

I found this in a dream dictionary:

- “To see lava in your dream signifies violent anger which you have kept inside for a period of time.”


300 africa

My second dream was set someplace in Africa. We were there on vacation or something.

There was a fight earlier, between two men I believe, and there was blood on the ground and on some sleeping bag that was out there. (All of this was beneath a tree in front of the house. It was very close to the front porch; something like just a yard away). I couldn’t stand the thought of that mess, or of any wild animals being lured to it, so I took it upon myself to hose it all off.

Later, after cleaning the sleeping bag the best I could, I decided to take it back outside before it got too dark and the wild animals would be out.

I go outside and see a large deer standing in front of me. It is just staring right back at me, and I think it’s a different kind of deer than I was used to seeing back home. I didn’t know how dangerous this deer was, so I was going to close the door and go back inside, but…. I see that my dog, Maddie, is outside too! She was lying on a dog bed (I think) that was set against the front porch. I had thought she was inside the house with the family, so I was pretty upset seeing her outside.

All of a sudden the deer surprises me by lying down next to Maddie. I realize that this wild deer is protecting Maddie. I call Maddie back inside the house, and to my relief – after a few seconds – she listens and comes inside.

Next, in my dream I was listening to my father telling me about a dream that he had. I then started to tell my mother what had happened with the deer, but she didn’t care. I was SO UPSET that I was listening to everyone elses thoughts/emotions (that they wanted me to hear) but when I wanted to share something with them that felt profound to me… they didn’t care. I was so angry that I was a listening ear for them (and by ‘them’ I mean my whole family; even family I’m not even close to), but they didn’t return that favor in kind.

I’m really not a huge believer in dream dictionaries, but here’s what I found anyway:

- To dream about or that you in Africa reflects your desires to return to your roots. You want to find out more about your heritage.

- To see a deer in your dream symbolizes grace, compassion, gentleness, meekness and natural beauty. It has feminine qualities and may point to the feminine aspect within yourself. It also represents independence, alertness, and virility. Consider the symbol to be a pun for someone who is "dear" to you. Alternatively, the dream represents vulnerability and naiveté. As a result, others may take advantage of you and your gullibility.

- To see blood in your dream represents life, love, and passion as well as disappointments. To dream that others are bleeding signifies an emotional cry for help.

- To see a sleeping bag in your dream represents warmth and protection. You are expressing a desire to slowly explore the realm of your subconscious. Alternatively, a sleeping bag may be analogous to regressing back to the womb where you were completely dependent.

Wild Dogs

215 wild

A couple nights ago I had more Animal Rescue dreams.

In the first one I was trying to protect my dogs, as well as my brothers’ dogs, from some kind of wild dogs. They were furry and black and there were MANY of them.

I had opened the back door when these wild dogs kept coming inside the house. While this is going on, I’m constantly tossing out these wild dogs while calling my own dogs (and my brothers dogs) to come to safety inside the house.

A lot of these wild dogs would sort of hide beneath our huge entertainment center that we have our television set on. Some of these dogs were really mean, but most of them weren’t fighting me too badly.

Every time I got one of our dogs to safety, or when I realized some were already in the house, I told my little brother to put them in the other room and close the door to keep them safe. (In this dream my brother was sitting on the couch behind me and he was a young boy).

Hummingbirds & a Moose


 In my other dream from that night I found 3 hummingbirds lined up next to our back door. I thought they were dead, but when I touched them and took them back outside I think they opened their eyes and flew off.

FYI: I think I had this dream because we have a lot of hummingbirds here at our house and lately we’ve had two beautiful baby redbirds hit our window and die of broken necks.
It’s been very upsetting to me.

Also, a day or so earlier I dreamed about two kinds of animals, but all I can recall now is a TALL moose. It was not normal tall either.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Of Portals, Countrysides and Elephants?


Pretty Countryside and a Magic Door

portal 2

I had a dream last night that I owned this little Bed & Breakfast. My best friend from back in high school showed up in the middle of the night. As she’s walking out the door the next morning I grab the door, shut it, and confront her. I asked if she was here because she genuinely needed a place to stay overnight or if she was just using me.

I then notice that she doesn’t look the same. She’s suddenly very short, and I think African-American? She was very rude when answering me, so that was all I needed to know. I knew for certain now that she had traveled down the wrong road in her life and became a bitter, impolite individual. I opened the door and told her to leave.

The dream ended here, and I woke up with tears in my eyes. I found that really, really strange but I’ve done that before with other dreams. I don’t even have to be feeling any sadness at all, yet I’ll wake up with tears running down my face. I ignored this and went back to sleep.

I now have a new dream:

In this one I’m at some beautiful countryside someplace. It was GORGEOUS! I think I saw a rainbow (or more than one rainbow) over the hills that were off in the distance. (I think I dreamed this because I saw a similar picture like it on Pinterest the other day).

I glanced over my left shoulder, and to my amazement I see a beautiful, massive wooden door. It was arched and made of something like oak. It looked Gothic. I was absolutely in awe because it looked so magical just standing there in this gorgeous countryside. It was like something out of Narnia. (FYI: I’ve never really even seen those movies or read the books).

portal 1

I now turn around and notice that children are playing everywhere. To my right there’s a large, fallen log and there are some kids sitting on it. I’m still pretty amazed at how beautiful this place is, but notice it’s getting very dark. A storm is rolling in and I think night was starting to fall. I know this is going to be a BAD and very dangerous storm, so I shout for all the children to run home now.

I become frustrated because I wasn’t sure they could all hear me, so I clear my throat and attempt to shout even louder. There was just no way I was going to leave until I knew these kids were running back to the safety of their homes before the storm hit.

It now is so dark outside that I can hardly see anything. I realize that the kids were all rushing to their homes now, so I turn back towards where that magical-looking door was and decide to return to the safety of home myself.

The next thing I know, I’m continuing my previous dream with the bed & breakfast:

I’m still upset over what happened with my ex best friend, so I decide to just move past it. I was just happy to know the truth about her. I decided to snap myself out of it by visiting an old friend.

This friend of mine is like a father figure to me. As I walk towards wherever he is during that time of day, my eyes are fixed on the ground as I’m thinking. Either I was thinking to myself that I DID tell my ex best friend that the bed & breakfast was owned by me, or that I wish I HAD told her. I just remember making a sweeping gesture with my hand, saying “This is mine. This is all mine.” (Meaning the bed & breakfast/small hotel and the surrounding property). All I know is I was proud of it and belonged there.

I continue to walk up this grassy area which curved towards the right. The left side of it was ‘bordered’ by concrete like a sidewalk. (Really, it was like how it is by a bridge over a highway; you know, a grassy area that slopes). I remember thinking in my dream how my property is in a nice location because it sits on quiet, beautiful countryside but is also really close to town.

As I continue walking up this incline, I walk alongside the edge. I remember thinking that I used to do that as a child, even though it was frightening, but that my father figure friend was always telling me not to do that because I could fall and get hurt.

When I reach the top of this hill/incline, I see an old pickup truck. There’s a big black dog resting in the back/tailgate. I think he’s a Labrador. I start petting and talking to him. His name is “Gus.”


My old friend/father figure shows up and we talk. I can’t remember what we spoke about.

The next part of the dream is just silliness. I’m back at my little bed & breakfast and Harry Connick Jr. is there. Lol! He was packing up his stuff to leave and was very funny. (I also vaguely recall a previous part of my dream where we’re ‘racing’ on something with wheels. We’re racing down some hallway to an elevator. We were just having some little competition just for the fun of it).

Next, I have a third dream:

This dream was like watching a movie up close and personal. I saw countryside, similar to my other dream with the door/portal. There were two girls standing there, talking. One had blonde hair pulled up in a bun. The other had long dark black hair that was down. I think it was wavy. It was VERY windy, so their hair was pretty unkempt. The blonde had a pink shawl draped over her shoulders. Both girls wore normal dresses like you’d see in Edwardian times. Nothing fancy. The girl with the dark black hair was very pregnant, and her friend was very excited for her.

Actually, she was giddy but also very sad for her (pregnant) friend because when she saw a young man walking up the hill towards them… she knew he was about to propose to her friend. I then notice in my dream that the blonde girl was pretty but that she had bad teeth. (Because they were poor).

I believe these girls had Irish accents?



Sing a Song

owl 2

My dream last night was so ridiculous.

I was standing on a porch, thumbing through some scrapbook paper of all things to place on the insides of a small cabinet. (I remember one of the papers I thought of using was chocolate brown and had an illustration, penciled in white, of a few owls on a branch or something).

To my right there was a man that just arrived. A neighbor or something. He was walking the field (inside tall brown grass) and I’m not sure I even knew him.

In this dream, as I was working, I was singing to myself. I was singing that silly country song from the movie “Michael.” (You know, the one with John Travolta as the Archangel Michael). I remember my dream-self hoping the man that was walking a few yards away didn’t hear me singing such a silly song.

PS – I just realized that I think I know why I dreamed this. I think that last night on Facebook someone mentioned the Archangel Michael. I can’t recall why they mentioned him. I’m not even into angels or anything like that. (I’m openminded about that stuff, but I’m also very skeptical). Also, someone posted a photo of the little front porch to their new house in the country. I think it’s fairly plausible to say that that is where the front porch in my dream comes in, too.

It’s amazing what the subconscious can recall while your conscious mind completely forgets.



Two Elephants

200 papaya

One of my dreams last night was about two elephants.

A large elephant I somehow managed to sling over my back, and then there was a baby elephant. The baby elephant I held on to with my right hand.

All I could find in a dream dictionary about elephants was this:

To see an elephant in your dream indicates that you need to be more patient or more understanding of others. Or perhaps there is a memory that you are holding on to for too long. You need to let go of the past. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. Alternatively, the elephant's introverted personality may be a reflection of your own personality.

The elephant is the symbol of the United States Republican party. Perhaps you are sharing the same views as the Republican party.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Of The Universe, Our Cat and More...


I had another space dream yesterday morning. It's been a while since I had one, and even though this was a brief dream I think it's worth writing down. (Simply because they've become rare, although I think I had one recently but forgot all about it because I never wrote it down).

First of all, it's a little out of left field. Okay, so it's A LOT out of left field.

This dream was very quick, and at the very end of it I was waking up. (This happened to me recently with another dream, but like I said... I never wrote it down and now I can't remember it). In this dream someone was bestowing knowledge on me. I never saw them. All I saw was a planet or nebula; just outer space really. I don't even know if this person was male or female.

What they told me is really difficult to explain because 1). it was explained very briefly in just one or two sentences, and 2). What they were talking about was completely out of my wheelhouse. They were talking about physics here, which is way over my head. I'm fascinated by astronomy, but when it comes to subatomic particles and the like... I'm totally lost.

If I'm remembering this dream correctly, they told me that the Universe created us. The Universe created human beings, and we are just one working part of String Theory.

See? I told ya it was weird. I can't even remember what string theory is. Actually, I don't think I ever have known what it is so after I had this dream I decided to look it up.

I'm still confused, but imagine this was just a rubbish dream anyway. And weird.



Purple Planet


Had another space dream last night.

In this one I was in space, looking down on a planet. It was so DARK all around, but the planet below glowed a very DEEP purple. I was looking down at the curvature of it, and the entire dream was just this feeling of danger; that space travel was incredibly dangerous and unpredictable, and I hoped we'd survive it.

Well... just now I decided to write down this dream on here. I started looking for a photo to use with this post, and when I typed "purple planet," the results from Google were a bunch of articles.

Here's one:
"Find a purple planet, and you may have spotted alien life. Some of the first Earthlings were purple bacteria that ruled the planet about 3 billion years ago. If any Earth-like exoplanets host similar microbes, their distinctive hue will be visible from space."

To me that's one weird coincidence.



The Return of Tiger Lily


I had a really quick dream this morning.

In this one I entered our craft building. Once inside I saw Tiger Lily, my cat that passed away a few years ago.

I was so happy, and surprised of course, to see her! I scooped her up and carried her outside with me, announcing to my mother that Tiger Lily was back!



Hello Again!

Last night's dream was really, really weird.

In this one I had died. All I know is it had something to do with my head. It was on the right side, near the top. I don't know the details though. I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything like a brain tumor because in this dream I kept envisioning a hole there, so it was something like a gun shot or I hit my head on something.

Okay, creepy, so... moving on.

What's weird about this dream is the undeniable fact that I had indeed died, but then four years later I was alive again. I was back from the dead. Same age and everything.

I was literally dead for four years, then one day I just popped back into existence as if nothing had happened. (In the dream I was matter-of-factly telling this to a few people).

I even remember my dream-self thinking about how hard that must have been for my parents to lose a child, but at the same time it was almost as if all of that was swept under the rug once I returned.

We had all just moved on, accepting the mystery of all of this but also being grateful that everything was okay again.



Magical Creature


In this dream I was cleaning beneath a dusty bed. I remember there being empty boxes, Madame Alexander dolls, etc underneath it. Someone that I didn't like lived there, and was asleep in another room nearby.

Someone inspected how messy it was, but I told them not to worry about the dust because I'm a clean person. (Unlike whomever it was I was cleaning up after).

On some ledge over the area I was in I see a tiny, strange creature. It was yellow and orange, and looked to be a cross between a deer and a giraffe. (Like in the photo above. When researching images of animals that would remind me of what I saw in my dream, a gerenuk - something I've never heard of - comes closest). This creature moved strangely, sort of like those old Claymation cartoons.

I tell the guy nearby to please get rid of this thing. I'm afraid of it possibly attacking me, because as it's moving it's looking at me.

One, of two men, is wearing a red T-shirt. He tells me that the creature I'm seeing is very rare and is considered good luck to many. (Like a ladybug, or some lucky totem). I ask him to repeat that, because I didn't hear all that he said... as in what he compared it to or the creature's actual name. Instead of answering me, the two men only stare at each other in silence.

I'm told that they can't repeat its name. They said it has something to do with saying it's name too many times; like it was sacred and if you utter it's name too much the magic and it's importance would diminish.

I begin to speak but notice the guy in the red shirt has disappeared. I ignore the thought of him vanishing into thin air. I tell the other man that I'm feeling unsettled around this creature anyway, and to please take it safely outside.

A little girl, whom I was with earlier, starts to pick up the creature for me, but it hops off the ledge and hangs on to my left arm. I'm worried it'll hurt me from touching me.

The girl pries it off, and I see that there's a residue from it on my arm. It's a yellow/orange color that's tacky and pasty. I immediately try to clean it off.


Mission Space

mission space gift shop

I had forgotten about this dream until recently.

A long time ago I had this pretty ordinary dream about some room with a circular ceiling. Strung above me, from the ceiling, were plastic Disney characters in space uniforms, and then a planet. This room was filled with people just lumbering about.

A few months later I saw that Disney World added a new ride called "Mission Space." The gift shop to it was decorated like the room I saw in my dream.

So again.... I'm sometimes Disney psychic. tongue



A Hidden Planet


Last night I had some ridiculous dreams, but one of them stood out.

I was in some room, with a professor or something. This room had one wall where the entire length of it was a window; a lot like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. (I've only recently started watching the NG Star Trek, so that's probably why I dreamt that. And FYI: Not really a fan of it so far. It's kind of boring. I wonder if the original series is better).

There's a big white desk of sorts in this room. The professor and I are standing behind it, looking out this large window at a planet. The professor hands me a 'slide' of sorts. (Like in the pic above). It looks like the cardboard that surrounds an old photograph, but there's dark brown transparent film on the inside.

I'm looking at this planet, which can be seen up close on the right-hand side of this large window. (Only half of it is in view). The professor is talking to me, and after he hands me that slide I hold it up in front of me. Through the transparent film I see the large planet I had been looking at, but also there - seemingly out of nowhere - there's a second planet just behind it. I think it was a blue or purple planet, and it had faint rings. When I saw those rings I instantly had the thought that that wasn't so rare a thing because most planets do have rings. (That's what my dream-self thought anyway). Either this was a much smaller planet than the one I had been looking at, or it looked smaller because it was farther away.

The strange thing is that the moment you stopped looking through the transparent film/slide, all you could see was the blackness of space and no sign of a planet even being there at all. It was completely invisible to the naked eye. Only the larger planet was visible.



Space Pod


I haven't written down any new dreams for a long time, but last night I had another space dream.

It was a short one. All I can recall is sitting inside a very small space pod with a man. I think we both had astronaut suits on, only they weren't near as bulky as the ones astronauts wear today. I believe we worked together.

I remember us looking out the window and every now and again the pod would sort of do a little dipping motion. It felt a little disconcerting when it did that. It was a normal thing, but it felt strange because you know there's no bottom to space. You could just continue 'falling' into nothing if you could. I just didn't like the feeling of being suspended inside nothingness like that, with eternity running off into forever beneath your feet.

355 space

I recall there was a small 'wheel' of sorts on the console in front of us. It wasn't round like a car steering wheel. It was a thin white rod that was in place horizontally. The man was the one that was operating it.

The entire dream was really just us talking - about what I don't know - while we looked out this window into space. The view was a lot of stars. Red stars mostly.


A lot like in the above photo, only the colors were much bolder and there wasn't any dust. All I could see was the blackness of space and those red stars.


Friday, January 16, 2015

The Big Bad Wolf is Coming...

(Artwork: Jessie Wilcox Smith)

Been having strange dreams again. Nothing new there. I'll stick to the most recent ones:

Dream #1

- In this dream my mother told me that she dreamed I was part of The Matrix, but not to worry because my kids were fine. (I have no children, by the way).

So yeah, The Matrix? I don't even like that movie and have only seen parts of the first one.

Dream #2

- This was yet another parallel universe dream. In this dream I found my aunt, and when I asked if she knew who I was or if she'd ever seen me before, she answered that no, she didn't.

I then began to outright panic and cry like a lunatic. Even in my dream I was amazed at how affected I was by this knowledge. It just felt awful knowing that I didn't even exist in this other universe along with people that were supposed to be my family members.

Dream #3

- This might not sound like a nightmarish dream, but it certainly felt like one.

In this dream I suddenly realized that I had one very large section of hair that turned stark white. It came out of nowhere and was an irreversible condition. Nothing I did would get rid of it.

It wasn't like an aging kind of white either. It was more like something terrified me so horrifically that it literally turned my hair white.

I'm 99.99% sure what this dream was all about.

Dream #4
(January 17)

Had another exhausting pet rescue dream last night.

I was in some neighborhood where the mega-rich lived. At one of these homes we were having fun watching some wild critters; ducks and the like. One of my dogs, Izzy, saw one of the ducks and went after it. Immediately afterward I see that there's a fox out there, too.

Next thing I know I'm petrified out of my mind trying to find all three of my dogs, but it's proving impossible because I am surrounded by nothing but dogs, dogs, and more dogs. There were puppies and adult dogs everywhere, and then even some newborn dogs sleeping all cozily inside cupboards. (There was some woman sitting in a chair next to it, keeping watch over them).

So I'm frantically calling out Izzy's name, all the while also looking for my other dogs. I think I saw Maddie, and she was in protective mothering mode. (Maddie has never been a mother, but she is protective over our other dogs). I know this because there's a little puppy underneath her belly. She was sheltering it, although it surprised me that it wasn't Abby or Izzy that she was protecting.

I keep searching for Izzy, and I see a lot of dogs that are similar to her but not quite. It was really frustrating and overwhelming.

I think I finally found her, and then I started searching for little Abby. I think this is when I woke up.

By the way, Maddie in this dream was actually our old dog, Bambi. It was kinda strange because I was searching for Maddie, and even when I found her she looked just like Bambi. She and Bambi were the same.

Which isn't too surprising I guess, since we've always joked that if pets ever do reincarnate Maddie might be Bambi come back to us. They're very similar in personality and in some ways, appearance.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Bunnies and More Bunnies....

(Artwork: Ida Rentoul Outhwaite)

Last night I was met with another animal rescue mission dream.

This time I was attempting to rescue the tiniest bunny rabbit. It was a baby rabbit, only it had something like fairy wings; a pair of clear wings on each side. At first, I thought some dogs captured it so I was relieved to finally find it perched on a windowsill behind a couch.

It was nighttime and I start to take it outside, but realize that isn't an option because there are some cats out there. I was stumped on where to take it so it would be safe.

And that was the end of the dream. Pretty simple, but a little weird concerning the wings.



(Artwork: Amanda Clark)

A couple nights ago I was having one dream after another, but the one that stood out is this one:

I was inside some house, and it was raining a little. My dog, Abby, wanted out so I did the usual check of the surroundings. (It makes sense that this would be in my dream because every time we let the dogs out we have to first check that it's free from snakes and hawks flying overhead).

While I was checking for any dangers I noticed two rabbits in the yard. (Also not uncommon even in my waking life. We have one bunny in particular that's always sleeping inside the fence at night). Not wanting my dogs to chase or frighten them, I try to shoo it away. I tell it that it has to leave for a second because of my dog needing to go out.

As I'm talking to these rabbits, the larger one comes into the house. It hid underneath a little stove or something, but eventually it started to come back out. As it does, I pick it up and kind of toss it back into the yard. As I do so, it DISAPPEARS.

It disappeared into some kind of portal, and later on I (and some man as well) see a quick flash of white light. (Which reminded me of something my mother and I both saw - actually saw, not dreamed - a long time ago, but.... that's a story for another time).

FYI: I hope it's okay to use the above pic. It was the only artwork I found that reminded me of my dream. I love her artwork. They're so magical!